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AutoCAD Architecture

The following videos provide workflow examples of AutoCAD Architecture 2009 using Oakley CAD Services Ltd content and customised configuration for the software. These are typical of the implementations that we carry out for our Clients and the tools that we provide.

Site Design

Carrying out Site design requirements such as car parking layouts, and defining site coordinates has never been easier. This video shows how AutoCAD dynamics blocks can be used for car parking and how a coordinate block can be tagged and scheduled using AutoCAD Architecture.

Our VBA application for counting car parking spaces and updating the Car space block attribute data are also shown as well as a routine to set a site datum for coordinates that allows the scheduling of both local and OS northing's and easting's.

Concept Design

These 3 Demos go through the range of tools available from basics massing geometry to scheduling of areas and updating these as the design is changed.

Concept Design 1

This presentation introduces some of the basic mass element types such as a gable and how the sizes of mass objects can be changed. We also show the capabilities of AutoCAD solids using the push pull commands along with the dynamic UCS feature.


Concept Design 2

As well as extrude options we will now show how solids can be created using  the loft command with guides. Booleans with solids can be used to subtract one shape from another using the subtract options.  demonstrated.

We will also have a look at using the solid history options and how subtracted objects can still be changed. The fillet command does not only work with line work. but also with solids and how this works is also demonstrated.

Concept Design 3

Having created our solids and turn them into Mass Elements we will then look at the slicing tool. The slice tools from AutoCAD Architecture are used to create specific floor plates and the areas scheduled for each floor. The floor areas can then be immediately assessed as the model is configured.

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