Oakley CAD Service Ltd can provide a range of CAD training direct to your office for up to 6 people using your workstation and software.

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AutoCAD Training

  • AutoCAD Essentials (3 day Training)
  • Advanced AutoCAD (2 Day Training)
  • AutoCAD 3D (2 Day Training)
  • Upgrade to AutoCAD latest version (1 day Training)
  • Bespoke AutoCAD Courses
  • Bespoke Upgrade Courses

AutoCAD Architecture  (ADT) Training

  • AutoCAD Architecture Introduction Course (1 day Training)
  • AutoCAD Architecture Essentials Course (3 days Training)
  • AutoCAD Architecture Advanced Course (2 days Training)
  • AutoCAD Architecture Content Creation Course (2 days Training)
  • AutoCAD Architecture Project Navigator Course (1 day Training)
  • Upgrade to AutoCAD Architecture Latest Version (1 Day Training)
  • Bespoke AutoCAD Architecture Courses
  • Bespoke AutoCAD Architecture Courses

Revit Architecture Training

  • Revit Architecture Introduction (1 Day Course)
  • Revit Architecture Essentials (3 day Training)
  • Revit Architecture Advanced (2 Day Training)

Autodesk Impression

  • Autodesk Impression Course (1/2 day Training)

AutoCAD VBA / VB.Net Training

  • AutoCAD VBA Course (3 day Training)

AutoCAD CAD Management Training

  • CAD for IT Managers (1 day Training)
  • CAD Management (2 Day Training)
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