AutoCAD Architecture Utiltiies

OCAD Tools for AutoCAD Architecture

OCADTools for As Industry experts in AutoCAD Architecture we combine this knowledge along with our development skills to create bespoke applications to meet out Clients needs. Whether is creating a simple updating coordinate based upon a local grid or quantity information from hundreds of drawing we can provide an application utility to meet your needs.

 Applications use include:

Database Link

Reading or Writing Property Set Data to Databases

AutoCAD Architecture makes use of Property Sets to hold specific data against either objects or styles. For various Clients we have linked these property sets to external data sources such as text files or databases (mdb or sql).

This is a very powerful method of linking drawing geometry to meta data for design analysis, costing, site Management or Facilities management that can scheduled as required.

AutoCAD Architecture Standards.

Whether it is linking the Layer Key styles to a database or driving the heights of walls based upon project levels there are many uses for application utilities in AutoCAD Architecture

Coordinate Tools

Add Coordinates tags

A series of coordinates tags are provided to allow schedule of coordinate points using AutoCAD Architecture

Update Base Datum

The tags also hold an alternate base point which can be update to a specific datum using this utility.

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