Revit Tips and Tricks

Revit Tips and Tricks

Revit General Tips

Short Cut Keys

When working on a project you may find you have many different view windows open under the view you have maximised.

Display Light Sources

When setting up lighting within a project for the purposes of rendering, it is useful to be able to see the pattern of the light source in a view, especially when making changes to the properties of a light source.

Copying Materials

You have created materials in a project or template file and would like to use the same materials when creating families

Brick Arch

You have a brick arch over an opening and would like to be able to render it in your visualisations

Arraying Lines for a Brick

When creating a brick arch you want to add some model lines to denote the mortar joints of the arch


When Grids do not display in a plan view of a newly created level what do you do?

Level Symbols

Blue or Black Level symbols?

Revit Family Tips

Parameter Order

When adding parameters to the element properties of an object, Revit, by default, will add them in reverse alphabetical order. But how do you change that?

Removing Family Hosts

What if the family has to be changed to non-hosted?

Family Release Updates

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