AutoCAD Introduction

AutoCAD Introduction (3 Days Training)

Course for up to 6 Persons

AutoCAD Essentials is an introductory course designed to enable students to create a basic 2D drawing in AutoCAD and LT. Even at this fundamental level, AutoCAD is one of the most sophisticated computer applications that users are likely to encounter. Learning to use it is not a trivial undertaking. To make the process easier and provide more flexibility the course is organized into a logical progression of learning modules: instructor lectures with hands-on exercises to be completed in class. The strategy is to start with a few basic tools that will let the student create and edit a simple drawing. The course continues to develop upon these tools with additional options. Not every command or option is covered because the intent is show the most essential commands and features that an AutoCAD user is likely to need during their initial learning period.

This course is for those wishing to learn how to use either AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT. AutoCAD beginners will learn basic 2D drawing & editing commands, point input methods and object snaps with tracking. The Multiple Drawing Environment will be introduced as well as Tool Palettes. Layer control, drawing aids and view controls are also covered. Coverage of blocks, text annotation and dimensioning is included, along with hatching. Students will learn how to get information from the drawing such as distances & areas and will also learn how to plot.

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