Control over the order of parameters

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When adding parameters to the element properties of an object, Revit, by default, will add them in reverse alphabetical order. This works fine, as long as we do not rename parameters: they will stay in the original location in the list of parameters, and therefore there won’t be any logic to the list anymore. We can specify the exact location of a parameter in the list using this tip.

If you are working on a family in which you haven’t renamed any of the parameters since you originally created them, then you can dispense with adding the asterisks (see below). However, once you have renamed a parameter or two, the ordering of new parameters becomes somewhat unpredictable. Adding the asterisks works like a skeleton key opening up space in between the parameters above and below.

Let’s say we are starting with the following parameters and for some reason, we want to add an ‘Offset’ parameter between ‘Depth’ and ‘Height’ (logically it would appear between ‘Height’ and ‘Width’).



Rename the parameter that is directly below where you want to add your parameter. Add an asterisk at the beginning of its name (in this case, because we haven’t yet renamed any parameter, we could have skipped this step, adding the asterisk). Hit the Apply button.



Add your new parameter, naming it exactly the same name as the one you just renamed but with a number appended to the end it. Hit the Apply button.


Rename the new parameter to it’s intended name (eg ‘Offset’).




Take the asterisk off of the beginning of the first parameter (again, when using parameters that haven’t been modified, this step can be skipped). Hit the Apply button

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