Arraying lines for a brick arch


When creating a brick arch you want to add some model lines to denote the mortar joints of the arch.

 To achieve this use the polar array function as follows:

  1. Draw an arc model line for the bottom of the arch
  2. Offset this to produce the top of the arch
  3. Draw a model line joining the top and bottom arcs
  4. Select this model line, select Array
  5. In the Options bar set ‘Number’ to the desired number of joints and ensure ‘Move To’ is set to ‘Last’
  6. Drag the centre of rotation to the centre of the bottom arc (Hint: use the keyboard shortcut SC and place the  cursor over the bottom arc to acquire the centre)

  7. Select the first point of the array

  8. Select the second point of the array

  9. The completed array will be displayed

  10.   If the Group and Associate option is ticked then the number of bricks in the Arch can be changed as required.



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