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Paul Oakley BA(Hons) Dip Arch RIBA


Paul has over 30+ years’ industry experience of implementing transformational change using information technology such as Computer Aided Design and Building Information modelling. He initially worked as an Architect who specialised in the delivery of large residential projects implementing a computer aided design and building information modelling approach. He also helped establish the principles of Avanti that were embodied in BS1192:2007 and now the international requirements of ISO 19650 as information management. Previously he has driven change through several large International Architectural practices by implementing BS1192:2007 and PAS 1192-2:2013 as Project Team Leader, Group CAD Manager and Consultant.  More recently he has travelled around the world implementing the principles of ISO 19650 and has also support global adoption in specific areas including far east Asia and south America by providing advisory services.

Paul sits on the British Standards Institute (BSI) B/555 Committee and also sat as an Industry expert on various specific British Standards committees relating to BIM such as BS 1192:2007, PAS 1192-2, BS 8541 Parts 1 to 4, as well as the ISO 19650 series. He also represents the BSI at CEN and ISO committee level on ISO/TC 59/SC 13/WG 13, ISO/TC 59/SC 13/WG 6. and ISO/TC 10/SC 08/WG 18.

Paul throughout his career has been involved with many industry CAD and BIM standards initiatives. He has sat on various working parties including the CE Avanti project, CPIC Uniclass committee, ADT Community Group, BIM Community Group, Chairman and Director of the AUGI-UK Chapter, Director of buildingSMART UKI and buildingSMART International Standards UK Representative.

Paul as chair of the ADT Technical committee assisted Autodesk in the development of AutoCAD Architecture software and was responsible for defining and implementing the UK content, and writing the UK object style naming conventions. Paul also provided services to Autodesk implementing the UK localisation for standards such as BS1192:2007 and BS8541 parts 1 to 4 in products such as AutoCAD Architecture and Revit. He wrote the original layer generator tool for CPIC in the UK and carried out the Revit Layer export definitions for Autodesk to meet the requirements of BS1192:2007, NBIMS (AIA), CP83 and ISO13567 standards.


Oakley CAD Services Ltd (2004 - Present)

Started in October 2004, Oakley CAD Services Limited provided BIM / CAD consultancy services to clients of all sizes ranging from small UK Design companies to large international Contractors. Paul continues to present at major industry conferences throughout the world, providing industry professionals with guidance on improving efficiency, productivity, and quality in the Building Information Modelling.

Oakley CAD Services Ltd have also provided services to many Autodesk Resellers, either as Training providers, implementation specialists or in a project mentor / technical support role, as well as developing applications to support the AutoCAD and Revit software.

BRE BIM Director (Jan 2014 – June 2020)

Described by the Building Research Establishment as a chartered Architect and a world leading expert in BIM, Paul headed the BIM Division at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) from January 2014 till June 2020, where he was responsible for the technical creation and delivery of the BRE Academy BIM training, the BIM certification schemes delivered under the BRE Global Certification mark, BIM Advisory Services and BIM research projects.

Paul was also been involved in various research projects involving BIM and the built environment either through European Horizon 2020 or Innovate UK funding leading the BRE BIM involvement on projects including:

·         BRECOBie: - Construction Operations Building information exchange

·         RegBIM: - BIM for Regulation Checking

·         C4C: - Clouds for Coordination,

·         ESPRESSO: - systEmic Standardisation apPRoach to Empower Smart citieS and cOmmunites

·         BAMB: - Buildings as Material Banks.

Paul travelled the world speaking at conferences and providing training, education and advisory services to Government, Industry bodies and leading players in New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Chile, Middle East, as well as Europe and the UK.


PRP Architects (Jan 2004 – May 2006)

Through the early years of Oakley CAD Paul also worked for PRP Architects  Bridge Group team as Project Architect / CAD Manager to run a £28 million Retirement Village, eventually known as Lovett Fields using the Autodesk ADT software. The Bridge Group team of about 40 staff were predominately using AutoCAD LT at this time and were up graded to using Autodesks ADT solution with Paul supporting training and implementation. The Lovett Fields project was taken from Inception to completion using the ADT Software, whilst Paul also started Oakley CAD Services Limited, initially on a one day a week basis, before finally moving full time

Broadway Malyan Architects and Designers (May 1998 – Dec 2003)

Paul joined Broadway Malyan Architects and Designers in May 1998 where he was involved as a Project Architect with various large scale housing projects including Brookwood Manor, Roundshaw Regeneration (1100 Units) and Woolwich Arsenal Regeneration (711 Units) for Berkeley Homes, where he developed the scheme from conception to full Planning approval.

Taking on the role of Broadways Malyan Group CAD Manager the software was standardised from a mixture of AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD , AutoCAD AEC, RoboCAD, Micro station, Vector works, plus various other software packages initially to Autodesk's Architectural Desktop package version 2 across the board and then subsequent annual releases.

Previously each team and group had their own CAD Standards and protocols, if they followed any. Paul led the companiescompany’s CAD management team, who defined and implemented corporate CAD standards, protocols and methodologies across the UK and overseas offices. This provided the infrastructure where any CAD project could be opened and worked upon from any CAD workstation throughout the world. ThereforeTherefore, aiding project resourcing, improving corporate identity, plus reducing risk and increasing productivity.

Serco Property and Design and Kingston Borough Architects (May 1988 – May 1998)

As an Architect he had 10 years Local Authority experience working for the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames first employed directly by Kingston borough and the toped in Serco Property and Design. Using AutoCAD AEC on a variety of projects, from new build, Special Needs Housing, Education and Leisure, to works on Listed Buildings.

10 Years’ experience as Senior Architect / CAD Manager using AutoCAD AEC on various schemes + managing the housing development team.

Housing (Sample of special needs and public housing)
Various public housing and special needs housing schemes from inception to completion. This included a variety of new build and refurbishment.

Variety of Leisure / Education projects
Major adaptations to various leisure centres and swimming pools including new Health and fitness suites, Dance Studios, squash court conversion, etc.

Various adaptations to schools completed including Offices, Technology workshops, washroom facilities, temporary classrooms & landscaping schemes. New build classroom extensions to several primary and Nursery schools.

Other Projects
Variety of projects including Office developments, retail proposals for Site acquisition, Urban regeneration, Interior design and refurbishment, Facilities management and asset monitoring