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 Available as either 2 Day Classroom or as eLearning through BIMeLearn.com 

Course Overview

Developed by world leading experts in BIM as Building Information Management involved in both the development of UK and International learning outcomes frameworks the OCSL courses are intended not just to provide a page turner on the ISO 19650 standards themselves but practical implementation of this framework to improve your project delivery.

The ISO 19650 Principles of Building Information Management course is the second step towards understanding the BIM requirements as identified in the international standard ISO 19650. This course provides a general overview of Building Information Management, the needs and benefits as well as providing an overview of the key terminology and concepts.

Taking on board the requirements of ISO 19650 Parts 1, 2, & 5 it looks at what is needed to deliver a project based upon the Appointing Party resources and content including the:

  • Organizational Information Requirements 
  • Asset Information Requirements
  • Security Information Requirements
  • Project’s information requirements
  • Project’s information delivery milestones
  • Exchange information requirements
  • Level of information need
  • Project’s information standard
  • Project’s information production methods and procedures
  • Reference information
  • Shared resources
  • Project’s information protocol

Course Outline

The course provides a basic understanding of the common terms and definitions relating to BIM

  • Lesson 1 – ISO 19650 Concepts and Principles
  • Lesson 2 – Beginning with the End in Mind
  • Lesson 3 – Introducing Execution Planning
  • Lesson 4 – Information Procurement
  • Lesson 5 – Information Delivery
  • Lesson 6 – Project Information Standards
  • Lesson 7 – Project Information Production Methods and Procedures
  • Lesson 8 – Practical Information Management

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to: -

  • Recognize the components of information Requirements
  • Explain the information lifecycle
  • Understand the need for a Common Data Environment
  • Recognise the buildingSMART Open standards

Understand the relevant knowledge and capabilities to achieve internationally recognised good practice


The course is delivered as a 2-day classroom (Approx. 12 Hours). Or 8 modules (90 Minutes)


There are no pre-requisites for attending this course.  However, an understanding of procurement and construction is recommended.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for construction industry professionals, including: designers, consultants, contractors, manufactures, clients, facilities management and other professionals who wish to gain a broad understanding of BIM Level 2.

  • a knowledge of where to access standards and resources to take learning back into the workplace

PLEASE NOTE: Due to present COVID 19 requirements all courses are being delivered by Webinar.

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