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Paul Oakley BA(Hons) Dip Arch RIBA


Paul has over 30+ years’ industry experience of implementing transformational change using information technology such as Computer Aided Design and Building Information modelling. He initially worked as an Architect who specialised in the delivery of large residential projects implementing a computer aided design and building information modelling approach. He also helped establish the principles of Avanti that were embodied in BS1192:2007 and now the international requirements of ISO 19650 as information management. Previously he has driven change through several large International Architectural practices by implementing BS1192:2007 and PAS 1192-2:2013 as Project Team Leader, Group CAD Manager and Consultant.  More recently he has travelled around the world implementing the principles of ISO 19650 and has also support global adoption in specific areas including far east Asia and south America by providing advisory services.

Paul sits on the British Standards Institute (BSI) B/555 Committee and also sat as an Industry expert on various specific British Standards committees relating to BIM such as BS 1192:2007, PAS 1192-2, BS 8541 Parts 1 to 4, as well as the ISO 19650 series. He also represents the BSI at CEN and ISO committee level on ISO/TC 59/SC 13/WG 13, ISO/TC 59/SC 13/WG 6. and ISO/TC 10/SC 08/WG 18.

Paul throughout his career has been involved with many industry CAD and BIM standards initiatives. He has sat on various working parties including the CE Avanti project, CPIC Uniclass committee, ADT Community Group, BIM Community Group, Chairman and Director of the AUGI-UK Chapter, Director of buildingSMART UKI and buildingSMART International Standards UK Representative.

Paul as chair of the ADT Technical committee assisted Autodesk in the development of AutoCAD Architecture software and was responsible for defining and implementing the UK content, and writing the UK object style naming conventions. Paul also provided services to Autodesk implementing the UK localisation for standards such as BS1192:2007 and BS8541 parts 1 to 4 in products such as AutoCAD Architecture and Revit. He wrote the original layer generator tool for CPIC in the UK and carried out the Revit Layer export definitions for Autodesk to meet the requirements of BS1192:2007, NBIMS (AIA), CP83 and ISO13567 standards.


Welcome to the Oakley CAD Services Ltd Website providing details on our services relating to Computer Aided Design along with Building Information Modelling and Management.

Originally Computer Aided Design (CAD) and then Building Information modelling Modelling (BIM) was a method of electronic production to provide a competitive edge. This has now changed where it is business critical to any design or construction firm in the AEC Industry. Oakley Cad Services Ltd has been involved for over 30 years in the AEC industry, delivering transformational change and understands your business. We work with you to maximise the efficiencies of your design data production, reduce costly errors, improve interoperability, and help you deliver more for less to support your business, project and client’s needs. The industry is changing where designers and constructors are no longer required to deliver a building or built asset, but the structured data to facilitate lifecycle requirements.