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The OCSL team have been involved in writing some of the leading industry documentation supporting BIM Development and the AEC industry in the UK, South America, Middle East and Far East and are used to working to both local and international standards.

Whether you are a Client organisation trying to understand how you meet the needs of an Employer in defining and implementing the Appointing Party resources and content we can help in defining:

  • Organizational Information Requirements 
  • Asset Information Requirements
  • Security Information Requirements
  • Project’s information requirements
  • Project’s information delivery milestones
  • Exchange information requirements
  • Level of information need
  • Project’s information standard
  • Project’s information production methods and procedures
  • Reference information
  • Shared resources
  • Project’s information protocol
  • Supply Chain Assessment criteria

Or if you are a lead designer or main contractor leading a delivery teams in producing appointment resources and content

  • Delivery team’s BIM execution plan
  • Detailed responsibility matrix
  • Information delivery strategy
  • Schedule of software, hardware, and IT infrastructure
  • Lead Consultant / Lead Contractor’s exchange information requirements
  • Task information delivery plan
  • Master information delivery plan

The OCSL team can aid in developing organisational templates or project specific documents to aid in the delivery of your BIM Strategy or project. As Experts in the delivery of structured information OCSL can also aid in identifying the tools and data strategies that you need to put in place to facilitate a digital transformation strategy.

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