Oakley CAD Services Ltd ...

Oakley CAD Services Ltd can provide a complete outsourced CAD Management solution to meet your needs. This can includes supplying company CAD standards,, carrying out software deployment, configuration, content plus tools to increase productivity and make it easier for your staff to adopt the standard than not.

If required. bespoke customisation to your requirements this can also be incorporated. Oakley CAD Services Ltd also have their own range of VBA Tools for AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture to increase your productivity and aid CAD Management by the compliance of company standards which we provide to our Client base.

As industry experts in CAD Management Oakley CAD Services can supply a range of CAD Management services from one off tasks to providing a complete outsourced CAD Management solution.

Typical Client requests include:

CAD Standards

  • CAD Manuals to industry or bespoke standards
  • Layer Standards
  • File Naming conventions
  • CAD Testing / Skill assessment
  • System / CAD Audits

Software Deployment

  • Change management
  • Upgrade Strategy
  • IT / CAD configuration
  • Software Customisation (.Net, VB, VBA, Menus and Scripts)


  • Staff Education
  • Upgrade Training
  • Staff Appraisal
  • Cad Tests

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Other Services

  • Object modeling / BIM
  • Interoperability
  • Project Setup and configuration