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 Available as either Classroom or as eLearning through BIMeLearn.com 

Developed by world leading experts in BIM as Building Information Management involved in both the development of UK and International learning outcomes frameworks the OCSL ISO 19650 Information Management course is intended not just to provide a page turner on the ISO 19650 standards themselves but practical implementation of this framework to improve your project delivery as either a Clients (Appointing Party) or Delivery Team member. Taking on board the requirements of ISO 19650 Parts 1,2, & 5 it looks at what is needed to deliver a project based upon the Appointing Party Resources and content including the:

Pre Appointment Resources and Content

  • (Pre-appointment) BIM execution plan
  • High level responsibility matrix
  • Proposed information delivery strategy
  • Proposed federation strategy 
  • Assessment of task team capability and capacity 
  • Summary of the delivery team’s capability and capacity
  • Proposed mobilization plan
  • Risk register

Appointment Resources and Content

  • Delivery team’s BIM execution plan
  • Detailed responsibility matrix
  • Information delivery strategy
  • Schedule of software, hardware, and IT infrastructure
  • Lead Consultant / Lead Contractor’s exchange information requirements
  • Task information delivery plan
  • Master information delivery plan

This course forms Stage 3 of the OCSL education pathway and is for professionals who undertake Information Management functions (Roles or Responsibilities) in accordance with ISO 19650. These can either be on behalf of an Appointing Party, Lead Appointed Party or a Task Teams.

This course has been developed to aid implementation of ISO 19650 and provides knowledge and comprehension to aid the application of the ISO 19650 requirements on projects.


A pass within the Essentials of ISO 19650 Examination (online or classroom version) is a pre-requisite for BIM ISO 19650 for Information Managers.

Course outline

The course is made of 4 Units of approximately 90 minutes each

Unit 1: Defining the end in mind.

Unit 2: BIM Execution planning

Unit 3: Production of Information

Unit 4: The Common Data Environment


PLEASE NOTE: Due to present COVID 19 requirements all courses are being delivered by Webinar.

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