Oakley CAD Services Ltd ...

The failure of many companies to optimise there CAD us is due to the lack of suitable content. We can provide best practise standards training an templates on how to create bespoke AutoCAD block libraries, AutoCAD Architecture Style Libraries and Revit Families to meet your company requirements whilst also complying with industry standards. Whether it is supplying a specific content library for a set fee or creating project content on a retainer basis we offer a cost effective solution to your content needs.

Key Benefits

  • Consistent quality content to industry conventions
  • Increased productivity with smart content.
  • Content that works the way the User expects it to work

AutoCAD Block Libraries

Dynamic Blocks and symbol libraries can aid productivity throughout the range of AutoCAD Products. Whether it be dynamic blocks for AutoCAD LT or complex blocks driven by VBA applications for full AutoCAD. Oakley CAD Services can provide your content requirements.

Revit Families

Revit Architecture families can be produced to meet your companies needs, whether it specific family content or templates provided with suitable system families we can meet your needs.

AutoCAD Architecture Content

AutoCAD Architecture styles can be produced to meet any requirements.
As the UK industry leading expert on AutoCAD Architecture content our solutions will increase your productivity and aid your working process.
Whether you are Manufacturers or Designers requiring Content to meet your specific needs we can provide to meet your needs.